Charleston Harbor Cruises

Harbor tours

Life is just better when you are on the water. One of the best ways to get a good feel of Charleston is to take a Harbor Cruise with Angler Management. Our many harbor cruises give you a variety of choice to enjoy a relaxing boat tour of the picturesque views around the shores and Charleston Harbor. The area has many historical attractions for the history buffs in the group. If you are into maritime history there are many attractions, including the USS Yorktown over in Mt Pleasant. Our trips are focused around history, nature and the area, a sunset cruise, and if you can’t find one that fits, please get in contact with us for a custom sightseeing tour.

Historical Tours

Climb aboard with Angler Management for a Historical Tour of Charleston as you cruise the area surrounded by over 50 historical points of the history of Charleston! A boat tour of Charleston provides you a unique opportunity to see history up close and from an interesting perspective. The area’s Civil War History and its ties to the maritime industry in Charleston can be seen and felt while exploring the harbor and coastline of the area. As you travel around the harbor listening to tales US History, you gain a greater appreciation and feeling for what those people experienced in those times, that you can’t get from a walking tour of downtown. The water and location of Charleston has played a significant role in the development of the South, and our country, and we would like to share it with you and yours.

Sunset Cruises

A Sunset Cruise of Charleston allows you to soak in one of the best times of the day in this beautiful city of Charleston while giving you a better feel for the area and its geography. These cruises bring the natural environment, friendly ocean animals, a relaxing and informative tour guide, and allows you the freedom to explore. The Charleston Sunset Cruise is very family-friendly, but also perfect for a more secluded setting when you just need a break from the vacation and just need to relax and let us worry about the rest.

Private Tours & Sightseeing adventures

Deciding on what boat tour fits your interests and needs can be difficult. After years of taking people out for boat tours around Charleston, we found that not all tours are built for everyone. At Angler Management, we now offer Custom Sightseeing Boat Tours that give you the flexibility and control to pick out how you would like to spend your time on the water. There are so many distinct aspects of the area on display from a boat tour that mix of a little narration about Civil War History, a few Pelican’s taking in dinner, a trip to Fort Moultrie or the USS Yorktown, or a trip out to Kiawah Island, might just be what your vacation calls for. Let us help you plan the sightseeing tour of Charleston that’s right for you!

Charleston Harbor Cruises:
Spirit Lifting Experience

Angler Management’s Historical Harbor Cruises of Charleston SC offer an exciting alternative to sightseeing Charleston Harbor and its outlying areas with a personalized harbor tour charter. Get an entirely new perspective of Charleston’s harbor by cruising its waterways on a private boat charter.

Sightseeing Charleston Waterways

Take a break and enjoy a relaxing, informative cruise around one of this nation’s oldest and most historical cities of Charleston SC. Flexible charters offer you and your family, or friends, a variety of choices on where you would like to go, and what you would like to see. Some of your choices include seeing the Charleston Battery area, including White Point Gardens and the homes along Murray Boulevard. A cruise by boat offers unparalleled views of the historic homes that line the East Bay Street area.

Historical Maritime Landmarks

Travel up the Ashley River to the original landing site of the first settlers at Albermarle Point, now the home of Charlestowne Landing. From there travel further up the Ashley River to see the plantations of Middleton Place, Magnolia Gardens, and Drayton Hall. View the locations of the original rice fields belonging to these Plantations which helped bring prosperity to the Charleston area.

Take a cruise out to the mouth of the harbor known as “The Jetties”. Along the way, you’ll pass Fort Sumter, famous for the location where the War Between the States started on April 12, 1861. Directly across from Fort Sumter stands Fort Moultrie dating all the way back to the Revolutionary War. The original fort, made out of palmetto logs, was the location where the Patriots first repelled a British invasion on June 28, 1776.

History of the Harbor: Charleston’s Maritime History

Other points of interest available for sightseeing by boat are the USS Yorktown, the famous World War II aircraft carrier, nicknamed “The Fighting Lady”. Castle Pinckney, built just before the War of 1812, but never used until it served as a prison for captured Union Soldiers and Sailors during the Civil War, is located in the harbor at the mouth of the Cooper River. Shem Creek, home of Charleston’s famous shrimp fleet is just around the corner from the aircraft carrier. Also seen from this area are the lighthouses at Sullivan’s Island and Morris Island.

The harbor of Charleston tells a wonderfully unique story. Come enjoy a relaxing cruise with Angler Management Charters. Charters are booked hourly with your wishes in mind. A bimini top is available upon request in case the sun becomes too bright. See the contacts page for a list of things you might want to bring. I look forward to seeing you on the water enjoying a great Charleston Harbor Cruise with Angler Management.