Charleston Fishing Charters

Fishing Charters

At Angler Management, we strive to provide you with a range of fishing charters for anglers of all ages, interests, and skill levels. We attempt to provide each person with a fishing experience to remember. We offer inshore fishing charters, nearshore fishing, shark fishing, and can customize a fishing trip to accommodate your fishing needs. Let us know what fishing charter in Charleston best suits you and yours.

Inshore Fishing

We have always focused our fishing expertise and time around inshore fishing or nearshore fishing. The Charleston area estuaries, bays, creeks and more provide some of the best fishing in the Southeastern coast of the United States. Come out and catch the feeling of having a Spanish Mackerel, Redfish, or Sheepshead on the line! Inshore fishing charters are great for anglers of any age and skill level due to calm fishing environment!

Nearshore Fishing

Just off the coast of Charleston lies some of the most prized fish for many anglers, offering a little more adventure, same great surroundings. A Charleston Nearshore Fishing Charter keeps you in sight of the coast while providing a dynamic area for anglers to catch some of the most prized fish along the East Coast. This fishing environment is governed by tidal changes, offshore currents, and freshwater outflows. While your Nearshore Fishing Charter keeps aware of the tides, as you travel in and out of the bays and estuaries, a variety of fish crossing paths through their feeding and migration patterns, create an array of opportunities. The fish most commonly caught in this area include but not limited to Spadefish, Cobia and King Mackerel.

Shark Fishing

Come out and enjoy the hunt for one of the great hunters of the ocean on our Shark Fishing Charters around Charleston. It’s a lot different to get one of these on the line, you can find yourself in a long and exhausting fight on your hands. The experience and photos of you reeling in a Bonnethead, Bull, or Atlantic Sharpnose will leave you sharing stories for years to come.

Family Fishing Charters

If you have a family with children, fishing is for you. Family fishing is a great way to create bonds and memories that can be shared with loved ones. We have had anglers of all ages and levels. Our many experiences fishing with children have given us the patience to teach and smiles that follow with success. Great times and memories can be formed when families and children go fishing for the day. Charleston is a fantastic area to visit with your family, try adding a little adventure to your visit and come out for a family fishing charter and let the good times begin!

Custom Fishing Charters

If there are no fishing charters that fit your fancy, then how about a custom fishing charters with Angler Management. We have been doing this long enough to know that everyone has unique needs, schedules, preference and the such that sometimes calls for something special. Please get in contact with us and our fishing guides can find the fishing charter that fits what you are looking for. Looking forward to fishing with you on your custom charter!

Charleston Inshore Fishing: Best on the East Coast?

Inshore fishing in Charleton SC provides a year-round fishing coastline that truly makes the South Carolina Lowcountry an inshore anglers paradise. Just minutes from downtown Charleston lies some of the best inshore fishing in the southeast. Bring family or friends and enjoy a fun, productive day of fishing with Angler Management.

Year-Round Fishing Diversity

Two of our major factors for fishing successfully year round are tides and water temperatures. As spring rolls around, and the waters start to warm, I enjoy fishing for redfish in the spartina grass and mud flats. These fish feed in shallow water and can be seen with their tails sticking completely out of the water (tailing). Sight casting artificial or live bait are two excellent ways to catch these hard fighting fish. Sea trout, flounder, ladyfish, and blues are plentiful this time of year as well.

Summer Fishing in Charleston

During the summer months, when the waters get into the upper seventies to lower eighties, I enjoy fishing the inlets for Jack Crevalle, King or Spanish Mackerel. All three of these fish are hard fighters and extremely fun to catch. This time of year also brings in the tarpon. These fish, nicknamed the Silver King, have become quite a trophy fish in Charleston. The fish produce reel screaming excitement every time they are hooked, no matter what size they are. The redfish are always here and can be caught lurking under and around structures, such as docks, pylons, or oyster beds. Other summer species include trout, flounder, and many different species of shark.

No Offseason for Fishing Guides in these parts!

Fall and winter bring schooling juvenile redfish together in droves. Schools range anywhere from twenty to two hundred fish, weighing from five to fifteen pounds or more. Sight casting on the flats for these monster fish is a favorite of mine. Anyone who enjoys fishing for reds shouldn’t miss out on this amazing event. Fall/winter also brings on the annual trout runs. Fishing with jigs or live bait, trolling or casting, the anticipation is heart pounding.

Captain’s Log

I furnish Penn Reels and new top of the line rods for in-water fishing. Penn reels and Penn Powersticks for when we go for the “big ones”. If you want to use your own tackle, don’t hesitate to bring it. The trip includes rods, reels, tackle, license, bait, and ice.