Charleston Eco Tours

Enjoy Charleston’s Natural Beauty

Who doesn’t like to get out and enjoy the wonders of nature? For the outdoor lovers, an eco tour of Charleston is the perfect fit. There’s so much packed into the coastal area surrounding the Low Country that you must take to the water to experience it. Spend the day with Dolphins swimming around the boat, the many species of birds flying above the barrier islands, enjoying a relaxing ride over the waves and through the estuaries.

Dolphin Watching

One of the most popular animals of the sea in the area is obviously the Dolphin. These majestic animals are found throughout the area playing among the waves of the intercostal waterways. Enjoy the ecology of the Low Country as you cruise through the area searching for Dolphin’s and taking in the surroundings. Dolphins like to travel in pods and are very playful with each other and in and around passing boats. We know who the star of the show is, but we hope to give you an all-around outdoor adventure through our Dolphin Watching tour of Charleston!

Historical Tours

Charleston is known as a historical city. Few realize just how much of the city’s history is tied to the surrounding waterways. Take to the water to experience the history of Charleston from a unique perspective. Being on the water travelling around the harbor area and barrier islands gives you a feel and impression of Charleston that no land-locked tour can provide. Our experience is informative and personalized. Spend as much or as little time at any of the historical attractions like Charlestowne Landing, the Charleston Battery area, or the USS Yorktown. Experience the history of Charleston with an Angler Management Historical Harbor Cruise!


Private Tours

We know that sometimes it’s hard to decide, especially if you are in a large group. At Angler Management, we offer private boat tours for times like these. If you like the sounds of a few different tours, the eco tour, the sunset cruise, the historical tour, etc. just get in touch with us and we can put a custom tour together for you the fits your idea of adventure. Let us know what type of private boat tour works best for you.

Natural Beauty of Charleston

Experience the beauty of Charleston’s saltwater ecosystem on an Angler Management Ecotour. These half or full day charters are an excellent way to see what the Lowcountry’s estuaries and barrier islands have to offer. No matter if you are looking the skies in search of a bird species that you have yet to see, or wanting the outdoor adventure experiencing ecosystems unfamiliar to you, we have an eco-tour of Charleston just for you.

Outdoor Tours For All Interests

Charleston, South Carolina’s coastal habitat is made up of the ocean, sandy beaches, maritime forests, salt marshes, tidal flats, bays, and estuaries. These areas are home to many different species of fauna and marine life. Charleston Ecotours include visiting and learning about each of these areas and the life that inhabits them.

Take a trip out to Capers island marine preserve, Morris Island, Folly Beach or the backside of Kiawah Island where we will spend the day shelling or learning about the plants and marine life that inhabit these barrier islands.

Dolphins or porpoises are regularly seen in the Charleston area and can be viewed playing with each other or feeding on schooling fish. Manatees are becoming more plentiful in the area. I have seen a number of them in the harbor and Shem Creek.

Visit the barrier islands and shoreline of Charleston Today!

The barrier islands also play host to a great variety of birds. The brown pelican, terns, skimmers, sanderlings, gulls and many other species claim these islands as nesting sights and can be viewed on a regular basis. Egrets and herons inhabit the marshy areas where they can be seen cruising the mud flats in search of food. The osprey, known as “the fish hawk” use posts and pylons in the area as their nesting sights. If you are a birdwatcher then this is the tour for you.

Crabbing trips are also an option while we are out there. There are many great beaches and marshes to visit that are truly out of the way. These trips are fun and informative, especially for the children. Allowing you to truly get away and have a unique experience to share.
The perfect day trip for family or friends, Angler Management Ecotours ensures a fun, informative day on the water.